Amla - the magic power of Indian hair oil.

It is easy to see that recently, European women have become interested in the Far and Middle East techniques of hair caring. Some women find Indian oils as a great and attractive alternative to the regular European products. Obviously, there are females that cannot convince themselves to use such products mainly because of (as some describe it) this putting-off intensive fragrance. Despite growing demand for Asian products, such cosmetics still remain hard to get. And 'hard to get' does not mean impossible to obtain. Below, you can find a few words about one of the most popular Indian oils designed for hair care - Amla.

How is Amla oil obtained?

Amla (also known as amalika or Indian gooseberry) is a common name of emblic myrobalan. This species of tree grows in Indian Peninsula, Indochina and Malaysia where it is used for Ayurveda - a traditional natural Hindu medicine. The oil is extracted from Amla fruits which are similar to our European goosegog - these are small berries of yellow and green colour that are very sour in taste. Such a natural product has well-recognized antiviral and antibacterial action. In short, Amla oil is perceived as a medical product of cosmetic features.

What is Amla used for?

Although Amla oil is a wonderful medicine curing many ailments, most women are more interested in this product's cosmetic features. Actually, Amla oil can be compared to our common castor oil because these two natural substances work alike. For example, they speed up hair growth, pamper hair, eliminate problem of excessive hair loss and additionally make hair darker. Amla oil together with Indian gooseberry are a great alternative to popular methods applied for making hair grow faster or for covering grey hair.

Where can be Amla oil bought?

Again, Amla oil is not as easily accessible as other oils, yet if we try, we will find the oil as an individual product or as a component of other hair caring products. The most recommended cosmetics are pure Dabur oils. Many women claim that they tested Dabur Amla Hair Oil and appear to confirm its positive action. What is more, Indian gooseberry oil is also added to many oils and conditioners of Khadi (for example, to hair growth stimulating oil), Orientana (Ayurvedic Hair Therapy for weak and loss hair) as well as to Hesh Pharma products (this brand distributes among others powdery Amla).

What is Amla Hair Oil?

Hair oils are very popular care products. Women love using this kind of cosmetics because of both the incredible effects they produce as well as […]